About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the New Hampshire Health and Education Facilities Authority is to lower the cost of health and education services in New Hampshire by providing eligible institutions with access to high quality, readily available, low cost financing alternatives.


  • Providing front end analysis and advice when borrowers are deciding among financing alternatives.
  • Imparting the knowledge and experience from one transaction to another.
  • Employing high quality professionals, thereby standardizing work at a high level.
  • Confirming bond pricing levels are appropriate.
  • Expediting the financing process.
  • Verifying that costs of issuance are appropriate.
  • Having the ability to issue one series of bonds for multiple locations.
  • Providing educational assistance through conferences and webinars.
  • Offering assistance in the determination of eligibility for tax-exempt financing.
  • Developing unique financing alternatives.
  • Advocating for the continuation and improvement of the tax-exempt financing process.
  • Maintaining professional competence through membership in the National Association of Health and Educational Facilities Finance Authorities